Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I won!

I wish the "I won" was in reference to winning the grand prize to the Gerber Generation photo contest. I pretty much gave up on winning the monthly prize because 1) I keep forgetting to vote and 2) I got tired of reminding people to vote. Really, I just want to win the college scholarship, which is part of the grand prize. Ahhh, college paid for before he turns 1. That would be amazing. Anyway, what I really won was a blog award! I didn't even know there were blog awards!

First, I would like to thank my parents. Without them, I wouldn't be here blogging today. I'd also like to thank my family and friends for reading my blog. Thank you to my baby for giving me cute pictures to post. Thank you to my husband who reads my blog and lets me know when I've misspelled something. And lastly, thank you to Losing Brownies who gave me this award! Go check out her blog!

Now that I've accepted the award I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then give the award to another blogger. This is going to be hard. Only 7 things?!

1. I miss being pregnant...sometimes.
My pregnancy with Blake was a breeze. I know, for some women pregnancy is 9 months of nausea, weight gain, and swelling. But for me, it wasn't that bad. I liked being pregnant. And my hair was pretty much amazing when I was pregnant.

2. I like thunderstorms...
when I'm safe inside. One year at Girls Camp I was trying to tie down our tent and lightning struck a tree that was a few feet behind me. It knocked me out for a second and when I came to I was on the ground looking at my sister who was standing across from me. She looked terrified and I yelled, "Get in the tent!" My feet were burning and I ended up going to the hospital because I had a splitting headache and was incredibly nauseous. The doctor at the hospital didn't really believe me when I told him the story, which was annoying. I left the hospital with a prescription for a UTI and a huge bruise on my bum. Needless to say, I left camp early. Now anytime I'm outside and hear thunder or see lightning, my first priority becomes finding a safe place to go. Sometimes this annoys Evan. But he's never been knocked out by lightning before.

3. I don't like having my fingernails painted.
Although I love the way my fingernails look after my sister-in-law gives me a manicure, I don't like having my nails painted. I feel like I have to be extra careful not to mess up the paint and when they start to chip I just pick at them until they look gross.

4. I started this blog when I was still in college...
and I love going back and reading my old posts. Here are a few of my favorites:
fear of flying
celebrity look-a-like
gym adventures
more gym adventures
cleaning up other people's trash
more fear of flying
even more fear of flying

5. I would rather clean a toilet than wash and dry dishes.
I just hate doing dishes. It always comes at the end of the day when I'm already tired.

6. I still don't have a dining table.
I've been looking for a table that we can sit together as a family and eat dinner. Usually dinner is eaten while standing in the kitchen or sitting on the couch. I don't know why it's taking so long for me to find one.

7. I still wear my maternity pants.
They are comfortable and still fit, so why not? Maybe I should be depressed by this fact. But, I know I don't look like I'm pregnant and all of my shirts cover the elastic band so it's not like anyone knows. (Until now. Great.)

So, now I get to bestow the versatile blogger award on those I deem worthy (said in British accent):

Living Life on the Road Less Traveled
Expat in Eire
Momma Go Round
Lindsay & Company

Wow, I've really let this award go to my head!


Losing Brownies said...

I can relate to several things! We own a dinning room table, but we only eat at it when we have guests! We are guilty of eating on the couch.

I also miss being pregnant. My birth experience wasn't what I thought it would be, nor was it something I'd like to repeat, but the being pregnant part was wonderful. I miss the feeling.

Paul, Cammie Jo, and Raegan said...

All I have to say is that every time I read your blog is cracks me up. I am always laughing! Thank you for being a highlight in my day!! You are awesome and Blake is quite the handsome little man! What a fun mom Blake has!

Whitney said...

I'm glad I could brighten your day!

Chelsea said...

I remember the lightening incident! And trust me, you don't miss being pregnant, you have just forgotten what it was really like! LOL! And I wore my maternity slacks the other day when we went to a nice dinner cause I couldn't button my normal ones! Congrats on the award, that's fun that you've got more than your mom reading your blog!

WhisperingWriter said...

Congrats on your award!

I also like thunderstorms, provided that I'm indoors.

Lindsay said...

Hey thanks, Whitney! And I hear you on the fingernail polish. It takes too much effort to maintain. :)

vdg family said...

[Thunderous applause].

Thunderstorms are fabulous (except I like being inside watching the action from a window). I wore my maternity pants for over a year after S was born. About the fingernails, sometimes when I paint my nails it sort of feels like my nails are suffocating--or maybe it is just that they feel oddly heavier. Plus, I think it shows we are hard workers when our nails are not perfect. Sometimes I miss snuggling a new baby, but I do not miss being pregnant one iota.