Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Target, I hate you.

I've probably already written about how much I detest the Target store that we go to here in Brooklyn, but another trip there today just reminds me how much I hate it. I actually really like other Target stores, but the one I go to here is AWFUL. And here is why:

1) The employees are terrible. They act like they are so put out if you ask them where something is and I've even had an employee walk right past me when I asked her a question. Luckily there was another employee walking beside her and he mumbled some unintelligible answer.

2) Pretty much every time I enter their store I can find an employee doing one of the following:
            a) talking/texting on their cell phone while "working"
            b) standing around with other employees complaining about work or their personal lives
            c) laughing obnoxiously with other annoying employees
            d) using profanity loud enough for customers to hear

3) The only times they seem to have what I need is on Monday mornings. Any other day I go I can count on walking out with only half of the things I needed.

4) Their stupid carts don't work. I guess people tend to steal their carts so the back wheels are designed to lock once they leave the store. Today I couldn't find a cart that would work. It was so annoying because I was wearing Blake and really wanted to put him in the cart to give my shoulders a break.

Every time I go to Target I just think about how crappy the store is and how I hate giving them my money. I wrote a letter to Target via their website about how terrible the store is. I got an email response saying the letter was forwarded to that Target store to review. I'm sure they got it and just laughed at my complaints while standing around texting/complaining/swearing/being terrible employees in general. So I'm going to try really hard not to go to this Target anymore. I know it won't make a difference, but at least I'll feel like I'm sticking it to them.

Oh Brooklyn Target, you could be so much better than you are. It really is a shame.


Chelsea said...

I am mad at Target for starting a sale yesterday and already being sold out of some of the toy deals. LAME! How is my boy supposed to get his train set if they are all sold out and it's a Target exclusive. Not cool Target, not cool!

Evan said...

It's a dawg eat dawg world her in Brooklyn. If someone could explain what "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" means, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting to think it's referring to the NYC Targets...

Lindsay said...

Hey! We went to Target today, too! Must have just missed you. :)

I feel you, though. This Target does not usually evoke happy vibes in yours truly. If you think it's bad on a weekday, then never ever EVER go on a Saturday. It's torture. But, then again, it's all I've got. So I suck it up and shop there.


The things we do for better prices.

Whitney said...

I hate sucking it up! Hahaha we've been on a Saturday. I swore I'd never do that again. EVER!

Losing Brownies said...

Ugg. I hate the target near me too, so I drive out of my way to a different Target that is cleaner and staffed with nicer employees.

Emily said...

I read this to Adam and we both laughed out loud. Every time I go to that store, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills b/c I look around me and I see I'm in Target; I feel like I'm in Target; there's the happy, red-dot-and-circle Target vibe; but I'm really stuck in some horrible Target knock off that mocks me with it's empty shelves and surly employees. All of this is to say, I feel you, sister.