Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seeing New York-Governors Island

Our little family actually visited Governors Island a few weeks ago, but the past few weeks have been filled with a trip to Virginia, a sick baby, Halloween activities, and more sick baby. I'm learning that the only positive to Blake being sick is that he's been a lot more willing to cuddle than he usually is. But even with that positive, I'd take healthy, not sick baby over sick baby any day.

So a few weeks ago we took the train to hop on the free ferry to Governors Island. These days we seek out free/really inexpensive activities to do, so when we found out it would only cost us to ride the subway to spend a day on G.I. it definitely jumped to the top of our to-do list. We actually ended up going the last weekend that the island was open. 

Once we got off the ferry we took a few pictures of the Manhattan skyline and then walked around the perimeter of the island. From G.I. you can see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Then we ventured into the middle of the island (I feel like we were in an episode of Lost, talking about "the island" and stuff.)

In 1637 the island referred to as Pagganck by Native Americans was sold to a Dutch man for private use. Want to know how much he got it for? Two ax heads, a string of beads, and a handful of nails. Eventually the British took control of the island when they captured what is now New York. Because of its strategic location it was used by British and American military forces for 200 years. It was even a prison for Confederate soldiers during the civil war!

Currently there's a trust that is trying to redevelop Governors Island. There's also a high school on the island that opened this year. How cool would it be to go to school on Governors Island?!

Below are some pictures of our visit. I was really hoping to see the hands-on art exhibit that I had heard people talk about, but the day we went they had removed it to make room for an Oktoberfest celebration, or in other words a lot of people getting drunk and listening to not very good music. I'd prefer the art over the booze, but that's just me.

(Sorry the pictures are so small. There were so many I wanted to post, but this was the fastest way to get them all on here.)
It was a great trip. I hope we get to go again when Blake is big enough to run around. I think he'd love it!


Losing Brownies said...

What a great trip, aside from a sick baby. I hate having a sick baby because I feel so helpless and don't know how to help him.

Tori Wilding said...

totes! super cute!! hahahaha!!

Mrs. Dean said...

Hey, how did you make that little picture thing? I like that.

Lindsay said...

I love how on G.I. you can be so close to the city and yet feel so far away. I've only been once, but I'd like to go back...maybe next summer.