Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey, it's okay!

I got this idea from Whispering Writer, who has a hilarious blog by the way. I can't promise I'll remember to do it every week, but I'll try. Basically it's a list of things to be okay about. Here we go!

To cancel a shopping trip because your baby decides he wants to cry instead of nap. And when I say cry, I'm talking the inconsolable kind. (Sorry M for having to cancel. I was so looking forward to it!)

To wonder who decided to skin a cat while it was still alive at 2 o'clock this morning. I can't even describe the sound that cat was making because I've never heard anything like it.

To have to be told by your husband that female cats make that sound when they mate. (Run lady cats! Run for your lives!)

To think it's funny that your next door neighbor "rakes" the leaves in his "yard". Except replace "rakes" with "sweeps" and "yard" with "cement slab/sidewalk". I guess that's how you do it in Brooklyn.

To not shower before noon some days. Or most days.

To think Dancing with the Stars is silly but still watch it...every week.

To wonder why people dress like it's 30 below here when it's in the mid 50's.

To be thankful that blogger periodically saves my work (because I just accidentally closed the page).

To want to try the KFC double down. It looks like way too much meat. I just want one bite, not the whole thing.

To be so excited for Christmas that I'm not even thinking about Thanksgiving (that's in about a week).


Losing Brownies said...

Oh, I love Amber. I read her blog daily!

It's still super warm here, but just cool enough for sweaters (light weight onces at least).

WhisperingWriter said...

I have tried the double down. I didn't like it, which is shocking, because I usually love things like that. It was almost too greasy for me!

Sandra said...

Loved this post...I so wish I could get excited about Christmas, but that would mean having to start shopping and baking, and then when would I blog?