Thursday, November 18, 2010


As lame as this may sound, I was overjoyed when I got an email from the library telling me to pick up the books I had placed on hold. These days I've had a hankerin' for a good read, the kind where you laugh out loud at some parts and can totally relate to other parts. (I'll let you know if I like it when I finish.)

I devised a plan to go to the library right before nap time so Blake would be nice and tired when we came home. That way when we got back I could put him in his crib and he'd fall asleep without any struggle. Then I could curl up on the couch with my book and drift away. Ah, some "me" time.

When we got home I knew Blake was tired, so off to Napland he went. He took his pacifier, turned on his side and started to sleep. My plan was working! I grabbed my book, surveyed the living room to see that it was a disaster, but decided this "me" time thing was more important. I sat down and started reading. Naturally, Blake decided his nap was only going to last 20 seconds.

I rushed into his room and frantically searched for his pacifier because inevitably it gets lost in his crib. Right now we're functioning on one pacifier, so if I lose this one I'll be on my hands and knees searching for another one. I managed to find it and popped it in his mouth. I tried to settle him back down, but he was telling me loud and clear that this nap time business was for the birds. I decided I'd let him cry it out while I read. Except have you ever tried to drown out a screaming baby? Impossible.

"Me" time was quickly turning into me-and-Blake-in-bed time. I figured if he laid down with me he'd go to sleep. Alas, he just wanted to rip apart my book and attempt to fall off the bed. Back in the crib he went. More crying. "Me" time was slipping away. While I don't normally give him a bottle to help him fall asleep, I did it this time. And I had a 2 hour "me" time. It was glorious.

There's no shortage of "times" with an 8 month old. There's diaper time, meal time, play time, getting into everything time, fussy time, pulling mommy's hair time, the not often enough nap time, bath time, playing with toys that aren't meant to be toys time, outside time, library time, playgroup time, grocery store time, laundry time, and bed time.

You can see why there's not a whole lot of time left for "me" time.


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

High five for you! I love that you made it so you had me time. Seriously, sometimes you just have to ignore the chaos around you and take a break or you will go nuts. Can't wait to hear about the book!

Losing Brownies said...

I'm glad you got some me time. That is important! I also love reading. I've been on a binge lately and have been devouring all the books I put on book list.

Lindsay said...

This post reminded me of a line in the book I'm reading -- "The days are so long, but the years are so short." What I wouldn't give for more hours in the day (most days, anyway), even though they can be so exhausting. I want to be able to savor all the "times" I have with my children because they are so fleeting.

WhisperingWriter said...

Me time is definately important.

I usually get it when the kids go to sleep at night.

Tori Wilding said...

His nap only lasted for 20 seconds! yeesh! I'm on a similar binge of reading, instead I watch DVDs. More specifically, The Office DVDs. I'm uncultured.....