Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday...Black Friday

I'll admit it. In years past I haven't been very organized and ahead of the game when it comes to buying Christmas presents. I usually take more of a male approach to it: a day or two before Christmas I go around to various stores, pick through what is left over, find stuff for family and friends, go home and wrap it. In my defense, I do think for a few weeks about what I want to get certain people. But the actual going out and getting it doesn't take place until the eve of Christmas Eve. This method of Christmas shopping really caught up with me a few years ago when on Christmas Eve I was out shopping, checked my bank account balance and the nice, calm, automated voice said, "Your checking account balance is zero dollars and zero cents." I stood in the middle of the aisle dumbfounded. How could I have no money? I thought I'd at least have $100 or something in there. Nothing. (Later I found out my landlord waited to cash three months worth of rent checks all in December, leaving me penniless.)

So this year I'm trying to be more organized and not procrastinate Christmas shopping. I'm making a list, checking it twice, buying for people whether they're naughty or nice (because who am I to judge, right?). Even with all of this early preparation I know Black Friday will offer up some stellar deals so I think waiting a little while will be worth it. My only problem with Black Friday is the fear of being trampled. And having to fight off angry shoppers who are trying to steal items out of my cart because I got one of the items they wanted. No, this has never happened to me, but just imagining it is frightening enough.

Apparently Target will have some amazing deals on Black Friday, but when I think about going to Target (and especially the Target near me) I cringe. I guess I'm not the type of person that finds it enjoyable to get up at 3:30 am, stand with a crowd of ravenous shoppers, wait for the doors to open only to be trampled on my way to electronics. I'm not ruthless enough to shop on Black Friday. And I think you have to be pretty ruthless to shove a granny out of your way just to get a camera on sale for 75% off. The thought of rushing into a store and trying to grab things that are on sale before other people do makes me anxious. I'm sure people would start off all nice, walking quickly but calmly through the store, and then one person would break free into an all out run for the escalator and all hell would break loose. Ugh, I just can't handle that.

So my Black Friday shopping will be done online. That way I don't have to deal with the literal crowds (just virtual ones) and no one will be able to steal anything out of my shopping cart.


Chelsea said...

I didn't know you could get black friday deals online (well except for places like Amazon, obviously!) But I will say I am guilty of the black friday grab for life effect. Last year at Forever 21 they had pea coats for $15 and you better believe I pushed some teeny boppers out of the way so I could get my coat! Someone even bit someone else (it wasn't me, I swear!) It was intense, and a lot of people were mad they didn't get a coat. But not me, I got two! And would I do it again? HECK YES haha, especially when you see how good it looks on me!!!

Whitney said...

I should send you a list of things I want and have you go for me!

Lindsay said...

We're not huge Black Friday people (the trampling, like you say, is not attractive), and haven't even wanted to attempt it since we've lived here. Last year, though, we were addicted to the BF sales on Seriously, if they do it again this year, you should check it out. Lots of cool (and totally random) stuff. I bought myself a year-long subscription to Real Simple magazine for 5 bucks through their BF sales. Awesome.

Losing Brownies said...

I love online shopping. I really hate going out to the stores and dealing with people!

vdg family said...

When we lived in Manhattan, we decided to go do the Black Friday thing with two small kidlets. We went out and there were five guys (gangster-looking) sitting on our car. At first they looked at us with a challenging look, but when we asked them nicely to get off our car because we were going to the store for the black Friday sales they got off and even helped us with the car seats. People can be so nice and sooo mean.