Monday, December 6, 2010

Can I just say

that people really need to be more cautious when waiting for trains. In the last week I've heard of 3 people who fell onto the track and had to be rescued by someone that was brave enough to hop done there and grab them. Yes, I am one of those people who leans out to see if a train is coming because I've probably been waiting for an eternity and a half. But I keep my feet a safe distance away from the edge and just lean over slightly to look.

I guess in their defense, two of the people that fell onto the tracks had seizures. Maybe it's just me (and I haven't ever had a seizure so I can't speak from experience) but it seems like if you know you are prone to seizures (i.e. epileptic) you would just not go near the edge of the platform. You would  keep a safe distance (like as far away from the edge as possible) just in case you had a seizure. Then you'd have a good 5 feet or so to not fall onto the tracks. (Like I said, I've never had a seizure so I guess you can't really be aware of what is going on when you are in the middle of one.) But I guess epileptics want to look for oncoming trains too.

The other guy was intoxicated. While I'm glad he wasn't harmed, I was more afraid for the guy who jumped down to save him. He literally pulled him out of the way seconds before the train entered the station.

So people, please stop falling onto subway/train tracks! Because as much as I want to save you I won't be jumping down there, for 2 reasons:
1) I have a baby who needs me and while it would be nice to be considered a hero, I'll take being Blake's regular mom any day.

2) I'm pretty sure I'd just be making the situation worse because there's no way I can lift an adult back onto the subway platform.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be up on the platform ready to pull you up and help you get to safety. Just don't expect me to jump down and save you. (Is that terrible? I don't know.)


Losing Brownies said...

That is one of my worst fears. We don't have subways, but we do have trains and I'm scared to death of them.

Tori Wilding said...

I agree with the 5 foot rule....for anyone actually.

Emily said...

Ugh. I am always imagining this happening when I'm down in the subway. Is that sick? It's usually me or Elizabeth or something like that. It freaks me out. And as someone who has had seizures, you usually feel them coming on so I don't know what ppl are doing hanging out on the edge of the Pit having auras. (The pre-seizure weirdness.) Anyway, you always say things that I'm like, YES! EXACTLY!