Friday, December 10, 2010

funny things kids say

Remember that post about how I couldn't remember any of the good times when I was teaching? Well thanks to Facebook I remembered some of those good memories and the hilarious things kids say. Enjoy!

During morning meeting when we share what we did over the weekend:

Student A: My hamster died this weekend. My mom said he had a blood clock.

 Me: Oh, haha. Ok, well it's blood clot, with a t. And I'm sorry your hamster died.

Student B: My aunt has a science infection.

Me: I hate those! And it's sinus, not science. Tell her we hope she feels better!

Student C: My aunt died of cancer!

Me: Ummm, I'm sorry.

Student C: She died a few years ago so it's ok.

During social studies:

Me: Does anyone know what the word "Deseret" means?

Student: Bookstore?

Me: Hahahahah no, but good guess!

During a Christmas discussion with the class sitting on the floor in front of me:

Me: Ok, take one big scoot backwards. You are making me claustrophobic.

Student A: What does claustrophobic mean?

Student B: It means you're afraid of Santa Claus.

During a book group meeting with second graders:

Student: We have a lots of Mexicans in our class and they like to talk and get in trouble.

Me: Oh.

Student: But I'm not Mexican. I'm Mormon.

Me: Oh did you know that you can be Mexican and Mormon?

Student: Really? Oh ya. We do have a temple in Mexico.


Mrs. Dean said...

I LOVE the Santa one! And the Mormon/Mexican one. Hilarious!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, I'm rolling on the floor! These are hilarious! It makes me wish that I wrote down some of the things my students said when I was teaching...but then again, maybe not -- I taught punk junior high kids. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing. I definitely needed the laugh.

Also, you're on FB? Do you want to be FB friends? :)

Tori Wilding said...

During Whitney's surprise birthday party at school:

Student A: Who's parents are you?
Tori and Evan: Oh. We aren't parents. I'm Mrs. Jordan's sister and this is her husband, Evan.

Student B: Which icing do you think tastes better? The pink, blue or purple?

Me: Ummm, they taste the same. Just the color is different.

WhisperingWriter said...

Haha, hilarious!!