Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our First Thanksgiving...

Obviously this isn't our first Thanksgiving. But, it was the first time we celebrated Thanksgiving with just the three of us.

The first Thanksgiving we lived in Brooklyn, we celebrated with some friends in our ward. Last year we headed to VA to visit Evan's aunt and uncle and saw my family for a day.

This year with a baby supposedly on his way, I decided a nice, quiet Thanksgiving dinner was in order. In fact, I had only planned on making the Thanksgiving foods that I like. Luckily those just so happened to be Evan's favorite Thanksgiving foods, too! And even better, neither one of us really like turkey, so I was off the hook there.

I planned a simple menu of rotisserie chicken (a la Costco), the legendary Havert's mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, green beans, and apple pie a la mode (a la Marie Calendar). It was the least stressful Thanksgiving dinner I've ever made and one of the tastiest!

This is my "chicken carving" smile.

And the next day we kicked off the Christmas season by pulling out our Christmas tree and decorations. When Blake saw Evan getting the tree out he yelled, "It's Christmastime!"

I think it's safe to say we are all ready for Christmas!

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Tori Wilding said...

Love it! Y'all are such a cute little family! Those potatoes looked divine!!!