Thursday, November 22, 2012

THE Baby Shower

Writing about this baby shower will not do it justice. I almost didn't write about it because I've been content to just relive it over and over in my head. Words will not convey how truly amazing it was.

But here goes.

My friend Lindsay asked if she could throw a baby shower for me a few months ago. Of course I said yes. And thanks to pregnancy brain, I actually forgot about it until Lindsay handed me a keepsake invitation at church. The week leading up to the shower I started feeling bad that my mom and sister were not going to be able to attend. And then I had a fleeting thought: What if my mom and sister actually showed up at this shower to surprise me?! I actually played the scene over and over in my head while I tried to fall asleep one night. I would turn and see them walk in, scream, run and hug them, and then immediately start crying. And that's pretty much what happened.

After thinking about how amazing it would be if they did surprise me, I convinced myself that it would be nearly impossible for them to come to Brooklyn for my baby shower. My grandmother had recently fallen and broken her leg so my mom was at the hospital and then nursing home all day, every day. And my sister works full-time and can't just take days off. So I put the thought out of my head.

The day of the baby shower Lindsay picked me up (which I thought was a little suspicious since she was hosting the baby shower, but I figured she had people helping her set up) and we headed to the church. We walked in and passed the gym, which was set up for what looked like a luncheon. We headed to the Relief Society room where some friends had already gathered. I chatted for a few minutes and then the festivities began.

As Lindsay welcomed people to the baby shower, she said she thought she heard a few more people coming down the hall and poked her head out of the door to see. Lo and behold, my mother and sister walked in right behind her. And it unfolded just as I had imagined it would: screaming, hugging, crying. It was almost as if all the difficulties of this pregnancy came spilling out into my mom's arms, like I was saying, "It's been so hard. I know it will be worth it, but it's really been so hard."

What I didn't anticipate was this overwhelming feeling of just wanting my mom to take me home with her right then and there. Not to my apartment, but to her house in Virginia. As fun as this baby shower was going to be, I wanted nothing more than to just go home with her. I'm almost 28 years old and I turned into that little girl whose mom surprises her at school to eat lunch together, and then cries and begs her mommy to take her home with her instead of leaving her at school. Except she'd be leaving me in Brooklyn. To have a baby.

Once I got over the initial shock of having my mom and sister in the same room, I thought Lindsay would continue the baby shower and we'd all have a grand ol' time.

Then my sister stepped behind me, introduced herself and started explaining the first baby shower game. I still hadn't caught on that my mom and sister were the ones who had actually planned the baby shower. They weren't just there for the baby shower. They had brought the baby shower with them from Virginia!

I kid you not, they literally transported all of the decorations, games, gifts for winners of the games, gifts for me, and food for 30+ people from Virginia to Brooklyn. I still can't believe it. Well, actually I can because if anyone knows my mom, it's totally something she would do.

We played a few games, opened amazing gifts, and then ate a delicious lunch of barbecue sandwiches, coleslaw, cinnamon apples, and of course, cake. (Ukrop's cake at that! They know me too well.)

After everyone left we cleaned everything up and headed to my apartment to surprise Blake and Evan. That's right. Evan didn't even know about it!

My mom and sister were leaving the next day so Blake made the most of his time with Grandma and Aunt Tori. And to be honest, if it hadn't been ward conference, I would've stayed home from church to hang out with them. I was still at the church when they called and told me they were leaving and could swing by and pick me up so I wouldn't have to take the bus home. It took every ounce of strength not to tell them to come get me and just take me with them. Evan could pack our bags and we'd be on our way to a Virginia vacation. I'd figure out the whole having a baby thing later.

Alas, I let them go knowing they'd return in a few short weeks when baby #2 arrived.

Like I said, my words won't do it justice. There's no way I can convey just how amazing it was. I don't even know if the people at the baby shower really understood how amazing it was. But being able to celebrate the impending arrival of this baby with friends AND my mom and sister was just what I needed to make it to the end.

And just how there are no words to describe this incredible day, there are no words to express my gratitude to the people involved in making this baby shower a success. Lindsay, who I now know can keep the secret of all secrets was instrumental in helping my mom and sister pull this whole thing off. And Yeenor, who found out about the surprise the night before when she saw my mom and sister setting up at the church, was so kind and helpful to my mom and sister.

My dad and brother were also a big help. My dad, the ultimate boy scout, rigged up a system for them to transport all the food and other things they needed for this trip. And my brother Jordan was kind enough to let them leave for a few days while he managed things at home.

And of course, my mom and sister. I will never ever forget how loved I felt when I saw them walk in the door. I would've known how much they love me even if they hadn't done all of this elaborate planning and scheming to throw me a baby shower. But it was just another testament of the incredible family of which I am blessed to be a part.

photo cred: Emily Johnson (because I didn't think to bring my own camera...)


Evan said...

Awesome! But this was a Wilding party, so where are the pictures of the cake!? :)

Tori Wilding said...

Oh I've got pictures of the cake on my camera!! Haha! Mom and I cried when we read this! It was worth every minute of planning and preparation!! We love you!

vdg family said...

It looked amazing. I wish I would have been there! :)