Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow Day

The snow started around 10am on Wednesday, but from the looks of things I didn't think it was going to stick. As I pushed my cart down the hallway of our building Wednesday night, I was surprised at the mini blizzard raging outside. People probably thought I was little crazy as I hauled 2 bags of laundry a block and a half to the good laundromat, but I was rewarded when I had the whole place to myself. (Not that an empty laundromat is a fun place to be. I just knew I could use as many washers and dryers as I needed. I get excited about small things like that these days.)

When I got home from doing laundry I told Blake all about the snow and how we would go play in it tomorrow. He was so excited he asked to wear his mittens to bed. The next morning, after about 20 minutes of suiting up for a snowy adventure, we headed outside for a little frolicking in the snow. Well, as much frolicking as a city sidewalk will allow.

Snow days are also a great time to use the dollar Grandma sent you to ride the train you pass by on a weekly basis and have a minor meltdown when Mom says you cannot ride it.

And it was everything a little boy could dream of.

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rach said...

AWW super cute, looks like he had a great day! He is starting to look like such a big kid now!