Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Laundry Story

On a crisp, autumn night 2 piles of laundry sat on the floor of a brownstone in Brooklyn. They certainly weren't going to clean themselves, so they were gathered into a bag and taken to a nearby laundromat. They were rinsed, sudsed, rinsed again, spun, and tumbled until they were dry and ready for folding. The events that transpired when the clothes arrived back at the brownstone are in fact true:

"Blake, do you want to h..."
"Hang on, Mom. I'm watching Wipeout."

"Will you help me fold the laundry while you watch?"
"I'd love to!"
"Ok. Here's your pile."

"Oooo they're still warm!"

"Hey! Here's my sock! I'll just hang on to it while I look for the other one..."

"Hey! My moon!"

"Now where did I put that sock?"

"Here it is!"

"All done, Mom!"

"Thanks, Blakey! Are you ready to go to bed?"

The End


Chelsea said...

well that's a sad face if I've ever seen one! What a cutie! I love his smile!

Whitney said...

I prefer his smile over his crying face. He obviously didn't like the sleeping cap I put on him!

Stephanie said...

He is getting SO big!! Love that smile!

(and you just keeping teaching him to help with the laundry! lol)