Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Maclaren

Before Blake was born, I had the hardest time picking out a stroller. I would find one that I liked, but hated the color or design. Or I would find a color I liked, but hated the stroller itself. Worse, I would find one that I loved only to check the price tag and learn that it cost a small fortune and I wasn't willing to pay that much (kind of like when I searched for a decent diaper bag and found some that cost $300...which should be a crime in all 50 states.) Finally Evan and I found a stroller we both liked that seemed easy enough to use and it came with a car seat.
My mom was kind enough to buy the stroller for us and in the 5 months we've had Blake it has gotten a lot of use. I remember rolling the stroller around the kitchen with Blake in it just to get him to go to sleep. I love our stroller. It's easy to use, cute, has plenty of room for Blake to grow, has a great storage basket underneath, and is currently doubling as Blake's high chair. The only thing our stroller isn't good at is...being carried up and down subway stairs. Evan has no problem doing it, but I do. In fact, I rarely take Blake in the stroller on the subway by myself because 1) it's hard for me to carry and 2) I'm afraid I'm going to trip and injure my child. So while we will continue to use our "hummer" stroller (that's what a host at a restaurant called it when we rolled up to be seated), I needed a stroller that I can use when Evan can't carry the hummer for me.

So my search for a lightweight yet durable stroller for Blake to cruise around Brooklyn in began. Enter the Maclaren. Everywhere I went I saw people with this stroller. It was recommended by people in our ward. These strollers looked cute and not too expensive. I finally caught a glimpse of what type of stroller it was and immediately went home and googled it...and subsequently fell in love. The Maclaren was lightweight (8.8 lbs). durable, cute...and British! I could just imagine myself walking the streets of New York pushing my British stroller, feeling pleased as punch. The only thing that was going to throw a wrench in my plans to obtain a Maclaren was the price. Their least expensive stroller cost as much as the "hummer" my mom bought us! So the envy set in. Everywhere I went I eyed other strollers. I could spot a Maclaren a mile away. I would stare as they passed me by thinking, "If I could just get a Maclaren, everything would be wonderful!" (Ok, that's a little dramatic, eh?) I searched other brands of lightweight strollers, but nothing came close to the Mac.

Finally, I found a Maclaren on ebay for half the price. I couldn't believe it. I knew for sure I was going to get scammed. I've never used ebay before and wasn't even sure how it worked. Would I have to bid on it? Would I get into a bidding war and lose my precious Maclaren Volo? Luckily, I didn't have to bid on it. So, after much anxiety, I bought it...and it came today!

Now, the color is not my favorite. But for half the price and the ability to carry my child down any set of stairs in this city, I had to take it (or go on steroids to bulk up so I could carry our hummer. And since steroidy women aren't very attractive, I'll take the Mac...not to mention the medical ramifications of steroid use.) I haven't taken Blake out in it yet, but as soon as he wakes up and I actually get to take a shower (yes, it's 4 pm and I haven't showered.  I've been waiting for the UPS guy all day and didn't want to miss him!) we're going to take our Maclaren Volo for a spin. I just hope it's as wonderful as I've built it up in my mind to be.


Lindsay said...

Yay! I hope you like it! And ebay is definitely the best place to get them -- last year's models for a fraction of the price. (We didn't learn about the "ebay way" until after we got time we'll get a much better deal.) Oh, and yours is the exact same one as ours, color and all. I actually picked that color on purpose because it would be easy for Garrett to spot and find me if he ever got lost. :) Hooray for not having to schlep hummers up and down the stairs!

Whitney said...

I love it! I just took Blake out so I could do some laundry and it was so easy to maneuver the stroller! I think that's a great idea to pick a color that will stand out so your kids can spot where you are. Smart thinking!

rach said...

those are super expensive stollers- and every single person has one here- you see even people that you know have NO money and they are pushing the BMW of strollers. its insane. But good job on your great ebay find!

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh, Rachel, yes! I would see people who looked like they couldn't afford this stroller pushing them around and I kept thinking,"How can you afford that?!" I was jealous because I wanted one so badly! I'm so glad I found one for cheaper, because otherwise I wouldn't have gotten one.

vdg family said...

We've been through 1 Double Mac and 2 used single Macs. We found ours 1. in the garbage (but hey the thing can be totally taken apart and washed) and 2. on craigslist.

The second one is literally hanging on by a screw, but they are very handy.