Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Utah and California

A few weeks ago we set out on a graduation/mission homecoming extravaganza that would take us across the nation to Utah and then to California. My little sister, Tori, graduated from BYU and we were there to celebrate with her!

After Blake and I had our fun in Utah, we flew to California to welcome home Evan's brother Josh from his mission in Chile. We were all excited to see him again!
Not only did Blake get to meet another uncle, he also had his first swim!
He also did a lot of reading,
and playing with new friends!
Overall it was a great trip and we were sad to come home! (But happy to finally be home after our late night flight and being taken to Manhattan instead of Brooklyn by the car service driver...that was beyond annoying.)


Chelsea said...

which Chile mission did he go to? Rhet's brother got home from Chile about a year ago.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Haha, there are the funniest pictures of those two "playing". Love it!

Oh joy about the car....lame-o!

Whitney said...

Chile Concepcion South mission.

Whitney said...

Chile Concepcion South mission.

vdg family said...

That picture with Blake and the book--that is so sweet. Congrats on the sister graduating and the returned missionary! :D