Friday, September 17, 2010


This girl is amazing. Not only does her ability to turn an ugly dress into a stunner astound me, but her ability to see a certain design or come up with one on her own and execute it leaves me speechless.

On a more disgusting note, I woke up with a spider crawling on my pillow this morning. Goodness knows how long that spider had been using my bed and most likely body as it's own little spider playground. Luckily I saw it and disposed of it. And Blake enjoyed watching me do it. It wasn't a very big spider. But my rule is if it doesn't pay rent it can't live in our apartment. (Blake is excluded from that rule. He's so cute he can pretty much do whatever he wants...except pull my hair. That's against the rules.)

I keep trying to post a cute video of Blake, but it's taking forever so I gave up. You'll just have to imagine him doing something cute.

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Margaret said...

i hate that girl. hate is a strong word...but i dislike that shes just soooo much better than me. sweet sewing skills,smalls waist and toned arms.