Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seeing New York- Natural History Museum

I think this post might be one in a series of posts about the fun things we do in New York. It would be fun to see a new sight every weekend, but that would require us to dip into Junior's college fund and that certainly isn't an option. Maybe we'll make it a once a month thing. Anyway, this past Saturday we went to the Natural History Museum in NYC. Although Blake won't actually remember going and seeing all the cool dinosaurs and sea creatures, we have pictures to prove we were there (to use when Blake's older and complains that we never do anything fun.)

Our trip to the NHM was a lot of fun! Especially when we met Michael, a museum security guard who stopped to talk to us about...well pretty much everything. Michael came over to see Blake, and in the 5 minutes we spoke with him, he talked about:
1. New York radio stations
2. A radio host named Blake
3. Blake Shelton (the country singer)
4. Winning prizes through radio station contests
5. Meeting Usher 3 times because of the different contests he's won
6. Whitney Yogurt Company
7. Carol King
8. Neil Sedaka
9. Barbara Streisand
10. How babies know their mother's voice
11. Having another baby and it being a girl
12. Coming back to the museum with the baby girl, finding him and showing him our new baby
13. Los Angeles
14. Virginia

Michael was the friendliest/most talkative person we have met...ever. If we are still in New York when we have another child, I think we really will try to find Michael at the museum and show him our new baby!


Lindsay said...

How fun! We've been to the NHM many, many times (sometimes I feel like it's too many...). It'll be especially great when Blake is walking around and can go explore the animal exhibits himself -- those windows are just the right height for a tiny person!

I hope, though, that you didn't pay full price to go. Here's a NY secret for you: When the museum asks for a "suggested" admission, you can pay whatever you want, just so long as you pay something. These museums are funded by the by the city/state as well as private donors, so you can do like we (and lots of New Yorkers) do and pay a truckload of taxes and only a few dollars for your museum admission. True story. The Met is another "suggested admission" museum, and there are a good handful of others. Also, most museums and sights around the city have free or pay what you wish hours/days. If you plan your visits around those, you can see a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

Whitney said...

Thanks for the heads up! We felt bad for not paying full price, but not anymore! Glad to know how it works now!

Chelsea said...

What is this #12 about a baby girl. Did I miss something! I also love the picture of Blake with the skeletons!

Whitney said...

Hahah no you didn't miss anything. We are not having another baby yet. The security guard at the museum said when we have another baby it's going to be a girl and we should bring her to meet him. No baby...not for a while.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

So awesome! I'm with ya, the kids may not remember it but doing little adventures are so important. Looks like you guys had a blast!

Mrs. Dean said...

That conversation is hysterical because you can kind of track the connections his brain is making. Well, until Carol King. Then I got lost.

Margaret said...