Monday, June 13, 2011

1 year

1 year ago today, Blake looked like this:

Evan looked like this:

And I looked like this:

1 year ago today, Blake and I started our adventure in Brooklyn. I was naive. I knew life would be different, but the New York I was picturing was not the New York I would come to know. A few days ago I was standing in my kitchen washing dishes and I thought to myself, "I've finally decided that I hate it here."

Over the past year I've tried really hard to love Brooklyn and NYC as a whole. And while I haven't seen all of NYC, I can definitely say I do not love this place. And some days I really do hate it. And other days I don't hate it as much. And still other days I don't mind it and think it's not so bad. So how do I feel about New York? Well, I've decided it's an awesome place to visit, but not such an awesome place to live. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my life. As difficult as it is to admit, I do believe that one's circumstances don't determine the level of one's happiness. (Sometimes I have to repeat that to myself several times a day...)

Some days I feel like I'm still "new" here. I don't feel like I have mastered city life. But I don't know if I'll ever feel that way (and I don't really want to be here long enough to.) And even though if I could choose to live anywhere it wouldn't be here, I do feel that Brooklyn has taught me a few things:

1) I can do hard things (such as lugging a 25+ lb baby in a 9lb stroller up and down subway stairs...or running to catch the train with that same baby in the same stroller.)

2) Target is not the same everywhere.

3) I should probably learn Spanish...or Chinese...or Russian...

4) It's ok to display good manners when they seem to be in short supply.

5) I'm glad I don't have a Brooklyn accent but chuckle when I hear people speak who do. (And then laugh at myself when I try to imitate them.)

6) The church is the same anywhere you go (well, kind of.)

7) The pizza here is pretty good. ;)

Who knew a year ago that Blake would look like this:

Evan would look like this:

And I would look like this:

Oops! I mean this:

Ahh, much better.

Here's to another year in Brooklyn!


Lindsay said...

Wow -- a year already? It feels like it's been longer, maybe because you're such a treat to have around. Seriously. :)

You are right: this city is a hard place to live. When we first moved here, I had a "fake it til I make it, bloom where I'm planted" policy, which definitely helped me to adapt and to learn to at least like it here. But it's still hard, especially at this stage of our lives. One thing that keeps me going is to stop myself whenever I start comparing our Brooklyn way of life to a more "normal" suburban way of life. The results, which for me always swing way in favor of a suburban lifestyle, are too depressing. You just can't compare the two because they are so vastly different. (But if you slip and do anyway, just do what I do and tell yourself that someday, when you do have that life in the suburbs, you will totally ROCK the motherhood gig.)

Anyway, hang in there. I, for one, am super glad you landed in Brooklyn. I hope your second year is better than your first.

cherry said...

Hahaha...the picture of Reese cracked me up! you are very funny.

Well, New York is the only state i have lived in so far here in America...and i will definitely say that it is so much better than where i lived in the Philippines hot there so i guess i am not gonna like it in Florida too! Haha!

But i must say that i would probably go insane if i live here in a time when i have little kids or baby like you...and you are right there are many beautiful places to visit though!

Chelsea said...

Way to be positive (it's ok to hate NY I don't think I would like it AT ALL) And I can't believe how big Blake is getting - isn't it crazy how they change!!?

Emily said...

I, too, am glad you're here. How long do you guys think you'll stick around? Is it open ended? That's the hardest, I think. When we first moved here, it took me a while to accept that we weren't going to throw in the towel and run home any time soon. As a wise fish once said, "just keep swimming. Just keep swimming."

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

You rock! I'm such a baby that I refuse to move very far from the families, let alone somewhere that far and different. I think you are brave, awesome, and so patient.

Tori Wilding said...

Whitney, you are amazing. Heavenly Father knew what He was doing when he put you before me in this family. Basically, I've just followed your example my whole life and it's a good thing you were a good student, went to BYU, got married in the temple, and are taking the challenges in your life with grace. Truth is, I probably would not have had the guts to move out to Utah and go to school if you and Jared had not been there. I still remember saying goodbye to you your freshmen year in the hotel room. I was terrified for you! How silly?!?! Look how far you've come! You've ALWAYS been the best example for me and I will always look up to you, so don't mess up now! Honestly, I think it's totally fine that you don't like Brooklyn. You don't have to be happy about everything in your life, but you're right when you say that you CAN make your own happiness. Every time I see you successfully clear a hurdle in your life, it just makes me believe that I can jump over my own hurdles. I love you, sis!

p.s. I really like your hair short like in the picture a year ago.

p.s.s. Thank you for letting me steal your sense of humor when you left for college. :)