Wednesday, June 22, 2011

creative side

I don't really consider myself a crafty person. I blame it on lack of space. If I had a whole room to devote to being crafty or sewing I think I'd turn out some pretty awesome stuff. On the other hand, if I really loved creating things I wouldn't need a whole room to devote to it. I'd just find the space I needed and craft away.

A few months ago I was reading a friend of a friend's blog and noticed a really cute Christmas decoration that was kind of different than your standard Christmas decorations.

Subway art. I had seen other things done in subway art style but never really liked it enough to hang in my home. I saw this one and thought it was really cute. And I had a few apothecary jars I stole in a rousing white elephant gift exchange (I still feel bad about that) got for Christmas one year that I filled with colored Christmas ball ornaments. I didn't print this subway art out until well after Christmas, but I plan to put it up next year along with the jars.  (And I may have only recently put the Christmas ornaments that were in said jars away...ahem.)

My goal is to have seasonal subway art and objects to put in the apothecary jars and change them as the seasons change. With the start of summer, I'm on the hunt for some sand to fill the apothecary jars with along with miniature summer-y items. So far I have mini beach balls and a mini sand shovel. I just need one more object and my summer decorations will be done. Except, as I searched for summer subway art, I couldn't fine anything I liked. Most of the results were cute, but not cute enough. So I decided to make my own.
I'm actually pretty happy with the way it turned out. I don't think it's as cute as the Christmas one, but I like it better than anything else I could find. And I feel pretty creative to boot!

Maybe I can start my own etsy shop and sell these for $20 a pop. Ooo and make some headbands and stuff! Or get a really expensive camera and start a photography business. I'm just feeling so creative now!

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cherry said...

Wow, Whitney you impressed me with your creativity! Keep it up!!