Thursday, June 16, 2011

new words

In addition to these words, Blake has picked up a few more:

up-This word is probably the clearest he can say besides Mama and Dada.

go- usually said as he looks out the window or while throwing a fit because he wants to go outside

dog-sounds like "dah...g" when he says it

Nana- in reference to his great-grandmother or a banana. natch.

no- The dreaded "no". I try to counter it with lots of yeses. <------ that looks weird...

juice- Well, we're still working on this one. So far Blake makes the "j" sound for juice. Eh, close enough.

cold- Whenever Blake touches something cold he says, "cole" with a cute o-shaped mouth.

hot- Sometimes Blake says "cole" when he touches something that is hot. He also blows on almost everything he eats whether it's hot or cold. And just today he held a piece of food up to my mouth for me blow on to cool it off. I mistakenly tried to eat it.

It really is incredible how quickly he's learning how to say new words and how much he understands. Today I told him he was going downstairs to play with our neighbor's son. He immediately ran to the door and started crying when we didn't leave right away. I didn't know he actually understood what I meant! He also walks straight to the kitchen when I tell him it's time for a snack. And he's even potty trained now! Ok not really. But man that would be awesome.


Tori Wilding said...

"yeses" does look weird!!! You forgot to mention that he says "oooo!!" when he sees something he likes. :)

Lindsay said...

Potty trained?! That would be awesome! In a perfect world, right? :)