Friday, June 3, 2011

whiter than white

 Look at those legs. Mine, not Blake's.

Can you tell they haven't seen the sun in...a while?
White? No, not white.


Claudia said...

All I see is a busy mom trying to keep up with an even busier toddler! I'm actually EXTREMELY familiar with "translucent" legs. Go with the fake tanning stuff-it's safer and you won't have to be worrying when you are lots older about every funny looking mole or spot on your skin-legs and all!

Tori Wilding said...

Ditto what Mom said. Also, I'm pretty sure my legs are whiter than yours!!

WhisperingWriter said...

My legs look the same.

Chelsea said...

ya girl, even my mother-in-law that's 60 uses the fake tanning lotion, I hear the kind from Jergens doesn't smell and isn't orangey looking. Or you can just keep on not caring, and that's cool with me too!