Friday, June 10, 2011


That's how many marathons a person would have to run in order to burn 30 pounds of fat.

Or at least that's what someone told me yesterday. I'm not really sure why she told me that. Maybe she thinks I have about 30 pounds of fat to burn. And she's probably not that far off. I think she was trying to prove how it's more effective to alter one's diet than to start a rigorous work out plan. But then she started talking about how important working out is. I was confused. And she probably weighed about 2.3 pounds so I stopped acting like I was interested in her conversation and tended to my little one.

But with a number like that, 40 marathons, it doesn't make me want to start training for one. It makes me want to go eat a cookie or something. 40 marathons?! I'll count my life accomplished if I ever have the desire to start thinking about running 1 marathon.

This lady was a health coach. I'm not sure what that means.

Apparently it means I need to run 40 marathons.


Tori Wilding said...

2.3 pounds!! hahaa!! It would have been great to have pulled out a big ole' hot fudge sundae and eaten it right in front of her. I don't know where you'd pull that kind of thing out of...but you know what I mean.

Chelsea said...

Tori, good one. I was going to say pass the milk so we can have a dunking contest, you know, an oreo dunking contest. That's about the only physical competition I want to be in! I told Rhet this week we were going to eat healthy and you know what we've eaten this week. A couple boxes of wheat thins, cookies, popcorn, we ate out twice...ya we're really off to a great start!